Kenji, Berkeley

Let's put it this way: who do you trust with the lives of someone you love?  Because when you get into Estate Planning that's what you're doing: entrusting a stranger with what will be some of the most critical times of you and your loved ones lives.

There are not many people I'd trust with those closest to me, and it's not often one says this of an attorney they hire, but that's how I feel about Edward.  Trusted him to do what was right for me and my family, and I still do.

When I whined to him about “Why would I need these Estate Planning documents?”  Edward gently walked me through the not fun things that could happen.

What I love about Edward is that he's a frighteningly geeky mixture of crazy-brilliant, litigation attorney (which makes him look at your needs from a “how will someone attempt to screw with this” eye), combined with bullet proof personal ethics that are so watertight you wonder if such a person really can exist. Especially an attorney. Like I said: trusted him then, trust him now.

Jamie, San Francisco

Edward Joy is a very special lawyer.  He combines great intellectual prowess with practical, real world experience.  Edward is good at breaking down complex matters into terms that are easy to understand.  He has the legal smarts as well as the diligence, professionalism and communication skills required to get the results you need.  On a more personal level, I found it a great pleasure to work with Edward.  I highly recommend Edward to you. 

Lisa C., San Francisco

I came to Edward Joy with an issue regarding a trust.  He clearly explained the scenarios and offered advice as an attorney as well as an objective third party.  Having an estate attorney who knows the law as well as understands family dynamics is essential to me. Edward is thorough and very conscientious.  I would recommend Edward if you want a smart, diligent, compassionate and level headed attorney.

John, Oakland

Edward Joy is an honest, intelligent and compassionate attorney who is very skilled in the field of trusts and estates.  I was seeking advice and guidance for my family's estate plan and Edward came recommended through a friend.  He patiently took me through the steps to protect our estate, which really took the mystery out of the process. He was on time for our initial consultation and spent a great deal of time discussing particulars with me at our follow up meeting.

Given my positive experience with Edward, I later returned to him again to discuss a complex technical question about retirement plans.  He laid out my options in a very straightforward manner.  Again, after working with Edward, I knew what I wanted to do and how to do it.